Diesel Hydraulic Material Handler WZY43-8C

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1. Bonny’s material handlers are efficient special equipment for loading and unloading, specially designed for loading and unloading working conditions (including special main valves, special hydraulic systems, etc.), not simple modification from excavators.

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1. Bonny's material handlers are fficient special equipment for loading and unloading, specially designed for loading and unloading working conditions (including special main valves, special hydraulic systems, etc.). not simple modification from excavators.
2. -8C series material handler is the latest products in Bonny, it is equipped with the world famous brand hydraulic components. it adopted special undercarriage, enlarge distance between sprocket and idler, and two tracks, largely improve the working stability and elevating capacity; develop the working attachment further, largely improve the operation efficiency under ensuring the working reaching.
3. Electric hydraulic material handler has the unique advantages of zero emission, low noise, low operating & maintenance cost.
4. Bonny's material handlers have several individual scheme combinations between power unit, working attachment, working tools, driver's cab and undercarriage, can be fully satisfied the personalized requirements of customers.The ollowing advanced systems can be selected individually or in combination as required: Monitoring system with displayer, electronic weighing system, radiation detection system, automatic central lubricating system, rubber track, tools applicable (Multi-tine Grab, Clamshell grab, Timber grab, Hydraulic shears, Hydraulic pliers etC.).
5. Applicable for loading, unloading, stacking, transferring and packing in scrap steel yards, wharf yards, raiway yards, as well as light material industry.
6. WZY43-8C is suitable for loading and unloading, stacking, transshipment and packaging of scrap steel yard, wharf yard, railway yard, garbage treatment and light material industry.
7. The diesel engine emissions of WZY43-8C comply with the latest environmental regulations, the engine also can be selected according to customer requirements and local fuel specifications. WZY43-8C is equipped with world-renowned brand hydraulic components and parts.
8. WZY43-8C has a variety of optional functions, which can fully meet the individual needs of customers. Including: elevating cab, fixed heightened cab, video surveillance/display system, electronic weighing system, radiation detection system, automatic centralized lubrication system, rubber track, etc.
4. A variety of tool options, including: multi-tooth grab, shell grab, wood grab, electromagnetic chuck, hydraulic shears, hydraulic clamp, etc.
9. The advantages of the working device: BONNY material handler’s working device adopts a hollow beam and a cast-welded structure, the working device is stronger, and the stress concentration point is eliminated; the arrangement of the double stick cylinder and the strengthening design of the stick support point, the bearing force is more balanced, stronger torsion resistance and more stable.
10. The advantages of the hydraulic system: BONNY material handler adopts the hydraulic system of double pumps and double circuits to reasonably distribute the power of the power source, and adjusts the power output of the system according to the load, and cooperates with the special multi-way valve to achieve higher work efficiency, and realize maximum energy saving at the same time.

WZY43-8C is a 43-ton diesel-powered material handler of BONNY. BONNY material handler is a high-efficiency special equipment for loading and unloading. It is specially designed for loading and unloading conditions. Mainly includes: structural optimization of operating devices and the whole machine, the optimization of the hydraulic system, the optimization of the undercarriage and balance, etc., it is not simple modifications of excavators.


Item Unit Data
Machine weight t 43
Diesel engine power kW 179
Rated speed rpm 2000
Max. flow L/min 2×280
Max. operation pressure MPa 30
Swing speed rpm 8.6
Travel speed km/h 3.0/4.9
Cycling time of operation s 15-20
Working attachment Data
Boom length mm 8200
Stick length mm 6000
Capacity with multi-tine grab m3 1.0 (semi-closure)/1.2 (open type)
Max. grabbing reach mm 15330
Max. grabbing height mm 12838
Max. grabbing depth mm 7128


1.How about the market performance of WZY43-8C?
At present, the market performance of China BONNY material handlers exceeds 70%, especially in the scrap steel industry. Among all the material handler models, WZY43-8C is the first choice of most customers.
2.How should I choose the model of material handler?
There are 4 very important questions that you need to consider first: What materials will be grabbed? What is the required operating efficiency? What is the required operating range/distance? What is the size limit of the site for the grabber? After you understand the information, please contact us and we will recommend the appropriate model to you.
Of course, you can also choose by knowing the models that are already used in similar sites. That is a relatively simple method.
3.How will WZY43-8C be transported?
In general, we will adopt the method of disassembly transportation, which is more conducive to container transportation. Of course, if conditions permit, we can also use the whole machine transportation, which can reduce the installation.
4.If WZY43-8C needs to be installed, who will be responsible?
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the installation was always done by BONNY, and it was free; at present, if our installers can reach the place, this is still the case, but if the installer can’t reach, the installation needs to be done by the customer. BONNY will provide detailed installation information, and arrange engineers to guide online.
5.How long can the grabber be used?
Under the same quality control system, the service life of the machine is the result of work intensity, correct maintenance and use. The BONNY material handler that is still in use was delivered in 2001.

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